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ASUS RT-AC88U Firmware version
Security fixed
- Fixed CVE-2017-14491: DNS - 2 byte heap based overflow
- Fixed CVE-2017-14492: DHCP - heap based overflow
- Fixed CVE-2017-14493: DHCP - stack based overflow
- Fixed CVE-2017-14494: DHCP - info leak
- Fixed CVE-2017-14495: DNS - OOM DoS
- Fixed CVE-2017-14496: DNS - DoS Integer underflow
- Fixed CVE-2017-13704 : Bug collision
- Fixed predictable session tokens, logged user IP validation, Logged-in information disclosure (special thanks for Blazej Adamczyk contribution)
- Fixed web GUI authorization vulnerabilities.
- Fixed AiCloud XSS vulnerabilities
- Fixed web history XSS vulnerabilities (special thanks for Jamie Riden of NCC Group)

New features
- Added IPSec VPN server
- Supported Alexa
- Supported IFTTT
- Supported Let's encrypt to help get free Certificate Authority (CA). To enable this feature, router needs to obtain public IP from ISP

Bug Fixed
- Fixed IPTV related issue
- Fixed IGMP snooping related issue.

Please unzip the firmware file first then check the MD5 code.
MD5: 069f31789d037948600a309537b6ba2b

ASUS RT-AC88U| 大小:44.77MB | 来源:华硕官网

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