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Asuswrt-Merlin RT-AC86U beta 1

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Asuswrt-Merlin 382 Changelog

382.1 Beta (xx-xxx-2017)
   Asuswrt-Merlin 382 was rebuilt from a clean
   GPL archive, as merging the new 382 codebase on top of the existing
   code was proving too difficult.

   For simplicity, the following abbreviations are used below:
      AM380 = Asuswrt-Merlin
      AM382 = Asuswrt-Merlin
      Asus380 = Asus's GPL
      Asus382 = Asus's GPL

   AM382.1 is based on AM380.68_4.

   At this time, only the RT-AC86U is supported by AM382.  Other
   models will gradually be moved to AM382 as Asus upgrades
   them to the new 382 code base (and they release working GPL
   drops for them).

   Also note that since Asus' OpenVPN code is now closed source
   starting with Asus382, it was decided to fork away from their
   OpenVPN code, so we can retain our existing features, and
   continue to further develop the OpenVPN support.  This means
   that a lot of the OpeNVPN code had to be rewritten or modified
   to work within the new 382 codebase.  The new code is under
   a GPL licence.

   This changelog will focus on changes that happened between
   AM380.68 and AM382.1, or between Asus382_16466 and AM382.

   - NEW: Moved to Asus382 codebase.  Some of the most important
          changes between Asus380 and Asus382:
            - New Trend Micro DPI engine, with two-way IPS
            - New networkmap service (now closed source)
            - New OpenVPN implementation (now closed source,
              not used by AM382)
            - Numerous security enhancements throughout the code

   - NEW: Merged with GPL 382_16466 (RT-AC86U).
   - NEW: Added support for the RT-AC86U and its Broadcom HND
          Note that IPTraffic is not supported by this model due to
          its newer Linux kernel.
   - NEW: Added support for inline CRLs when importing an ovpn file
   - NEW: Added support for fullcone NAT (RT-AC86U)
   - NEW: Added WiFi Radar (Broadcom's Visualization app) in the
          Wireless section (RT-AC86U).  You must enable data
          collection on its Configuration page for all charts to
          work properly.
   - NEW: Added option to disable the Asus NAT tunnel service under
          Other Settings -> Tweak.  Not quite sure what this
          partly closed source service is for, but it eats a
          fair amount of CPU and RAM.
   - NEW: Webui options on OpenVPN Server page to quickly choose
          between pushing LAN or LAN + Internet access (ported
          from Asus382)
   - NEW: Option to select the bitsize to use (1024 or 2048) when
          automatically generating the OpenVPN server key/certs
          (ported from Asus382)
   - CHANGED: SSH host keys are now stored in /jffs/ssl/ rather
              than nvram.
   - CHANGED: SMB2 is enabled by default on RT-AC86U (no performance
              penalty on that platform)
   - CHANGED: Moved UPnP Secure Mode setting from the Tweaks section
              to the WAN page, next to other UPnP settings.
   - CHANGED: Moved "Modify key and certs" link to its own dedicated
              row and made it a button for improved visibility
              (OpenVPN client & server pages)
   - CHANGED: Updated OpenVPN to 2.4.4.
   - CHANGED: The firmware version check behaviour was slightly
              changed.  The "Get Beta" checkbox will now check
              both the Beta and the Release channels for new
              version availability.  Automatic scheduled checks
              will still only check the Release channel.
   - CHANGED: Layout improvements to the SNMP, Login, and
              Operation Mode pages (patches by Alin Tr?istaru)
   - CHANGED: Report both the local IP client IP as well as the
              public/visible IP on the OpenVPN client page once
              a client is connected (same info that was already
              available on the VPN Status page).
   - REMOVED: Obsolete/exotic HMAC digests for OpenVPN servers (to
              match with Asus' own supported list)
   - REMOVED: "Custom" OpenVPN authentication mode (which probably
              nobody used or even understood).


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