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AiMesh beta firmware for RT-AC68U/RT-AC86U/RT-AC5300/RT-AC88U

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Hi Everyone,

(09/22) New beta available today for RT-AC86U, RT-AC68U
- Improve system stability

(09/15) New beta available today for RT-AC68U, RT-AC86U, RT-AC5300, RT-AC88U.

And now we make it a official name as AiMesh.

Here are changelogs

For RT-AC86U, RT-AC68U

1. UI
- Change AMAS to AiMesh.
- Change alogorithm for onboarding progress % count.
- Add reset modem page into QIS.
- Add some hint for user when DHCP Server and wireless authentication type changed.
- www: change the position of separating the ssid of wireless bands checkbox.~~~~~
- www: accroding to QIS 3.0 SPEC, divide WAN selection into 2 steps.
- [Update][AiMesh] www : Modify AiMesh naming.
- AiMesh system.
- Cap : AiMesh router.
- Slave : AiMesh node.
2. Enabled Roaming Feature at default setting.
3. New Sync Configuration
- Telnet
- Roaming assistant
- Smart Connect
- MAC Filter
- Syslog
4. Auto reset default when onboarding failure.
5. Add renew ip mechanism in RE mode. [Bug#244]
6. Fixed an issue as RE can be onboarded after user login by IPAddress/index.asp.
7. RE can't be search after on-boarding failure by CAP.
8. Other miner bugs fix.

For RT-AC5300, RT-AC88U
First beta release.

This is Wilson from ASUSTek, product manager of ASUS networking, and today we are happy to invite all ASUS router users to do AMAS beta test.

AMAS (Temporarily name) is ASUS Multiple Access-Point System, the core feature is to combine ASUS powerful routers to form a whole home coverage WiFi system with centralized control.

By ASUS internal tests, we found single ASUS performance router could provide extreme WiFi coverage for almost every standard house in north America. However, there might still some dead-zones in specific environment(e.g. concrete wall or large yard), so we design a powerful software upgrade for ASUS router buyers, by software upgrading, you can combine more than one ASUS performance routers to form a WiFi system.

When applying AMAS, don’t worry about losing any fancy and advanced features, such as AiProtection, Adaptive QoS…etc. all features will be supported, just the way you are!

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