Asuswrt-Merlin 380.68 Beta 1

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Asuswrt-Merlin Changelog


380.68 Beta (xx-xxx-2017)

  - IMPORTANT: due to major webui changes, you will need to

               either flush your browser cache, or force it

               to reload the page (shift-reload) the first time

               you access the webui after upgrading to 380.68.

  - NEW: Merged GPL 380_7743 binary blobs for the RT-N66U.

  - NEW: Backported Ethernet port status report on the Network Map

         from GPL 382.

  - NEW: Description field added to OpenVPN client configuration

  - NEW: Added missing hash types to ipset_arm (Patch by john9527)

  - NEW: Added hostname Busybox applet, used by some Entware packages

  - CHANGED: Switched webui menu generation code to GPL 382 code.

             This new code is easier for me to maintain.

  - CHANGED: Used webui menu icons from GPL 382.

  - CHANGED: Re-organized VPN pages, merging some together.

  - CHANGED: Reworked VPNStatus page, will now refresh itself every

             5 seconds.  It will also report a client's local

             and public IP addresses.

  - CHANGED: Re-designed webui interface for managing SSL

             certificate.  Added Upload button, and revamped

             certificate info display (includes some backports

             from GPL 382)

  - CHANGED: Removed option to enable/disable persistent webui

             certificate - they are now always persistent.

  - CHANGED: Reworked Tools -> Sysinfo page, dynamic data will

             refresh itself every 3 seconds, also port

             ordering will be more consistent, and display based

             on the new tableAPI from GPL 382.

  - CHANGED: Backported system log page from GPL 382: moved logging

             settings to it, added option to set a remote syslog

             server's port, and shown log will auto refresh.

  - CHANGED: Re-designed DHCP Lease log page to use the new

             tableAPI, with sortable fields (defaults to IP sort)

  - CHANGED: Do not alternate between ntp server from webui and

             the one hardcoded in nvram - use webui one, unless

             it's empty - then use the second server set in nvram.

  - CHANGED: Moved App icon out of the notification area and into

             the footer of the page, with other links.

  - CHANGED: Updated Curl to 7.54.1

  - CHANGED: Re-designed the way the Tor database gets backed up,

             so it won't grow stale by never being updated.

  - CHANGED: Define and forward a small range of ports

             (57535-57565) for use for passive FTP (needed for

             TLS over WAN).

  - FIXED: Duplicate LAN port 1 shown for the RT-AC87U on

           the Sysinfo page.

  - FIXED: Port forward/UPNP issues with CTF enabled depending on

           selected NAT loopback mode.

  - FIXED: URL filtering wasn't working over IPv4.

  - FIXED: OpenVPN instances could potentially start too early at

           boot time (before clock was set)

  - FIXED: When multiple OpenVPN clients are connected to the router,

           their username wouldn't show as Connected.

  - FIXED: Progress report would go to 200% if you changed a setting

           and started or stopped an OpenVPN client or server.

  - FIXED: Security issues CVE-2017-11344, CVE-2017-11345 and

           CVE-2017-11420 in networkmap (patches by

           Kilo Foxtrot Papa)

  - FIXED: Webui self-generated certificate could sometime be

           invalid due to a race condition between the SSL and

           non-SSL httpd instances starting at the same time.

  - FIXED: Tor would fail to start if there was a backed up

           database in /jffs/.tordb, due to bad permissions.

  - FIXED: SMB sharing without user authentication would fail if

           router's admin username was changed from "admin"

           (Asus bug)

  - FIXED: SMB sharing without user authentication would cause

           SMB2 to downgrade to SMB1.











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