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Security fixed items

- Fixed command injection issue. Thanks for Chris' contribution.

- Fixed XSS issue. Thanks for Chris' contribution.

- Fixed a security vulnerability regarding XSS.

- Fixed CVE-2017-5891.

- Fixed CVE-2017-5892.

- Fixed CVE-2017-6547.

- Fixed CVE-2017-6549.

- Fixed CVE-2017-6548.

- Fixed CVE-2017-8877.

- Fixed CVE-2017-8878.

- Fixed CHN175000307.

Bug fixed items

- Fixed schedule disk scan on M.2 SSD.

- Fixed OpenVPN Server support in Load Balance mode.

- Save/Restore permission management/Free Wi-Fi/Captive Portal configuration to/from setting file.

- Make sure replied packets of an incoming connection from WANx to source IP via same WAN interface.

- Fixed Movistar Triple VLAN support on BRT-AC828

- WAN traffic statistics information is not updated after redial WAN in some environment.

- USB printer is recognized as USB modem due to timing issue of loading USB printer driver.

- load-balance: the user's manual rules must be prior to the automatic rules.

- Can't eject some USB storage.

Modified items

- Support Huawei E355, ZTE AC590 and U4 LTE 4G WIFI Dongle.

- Modified USB modem’s SIM status detection with TTY or MBIM modems.

- Update USB modem’s uqmi usage utilities.

- Update for Kernel 4.x.

- Modified USB modem’s CDC ACM procedure.

- Support the CDC NCM modems.

- Improve ext3/FAT/HFS+ write throughout.

- Fine tune load-balance mode.

- WAN interface of Virtual Server / Port Forwarding can be specified in load-balance mode.

- Add pass code function to Free Wi-Fi

- Improve NAS (Network Attached Storage) application stability.

- Support IPv6 pass-through and FLET's.

- Update to newer Network Map.

- Support bandwidth limiter in Guest network.

- Support per client bandwidth in Free Wi-Fi/Captive Portal.

Please unzip the firmware file first then check the MD5 code.

MD5: 91a82b50b918ea7bcfac71cc1a4c80bf

BRT-AC828 | 大小:42.34MB | 来源:华硕官网

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