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New features:
- Now supports AiProtection/ Parental Control App & Webs filter features with signature update mechanism.
- Support Dual WAN Failover Guest Network control feature(WAN > Dual WAN > Guest Network Terminate Switch).
- Now supports Access Log feature, display client info(IP, MAC, Hostname, Connection started/ finished time) with auto-backup to USB function.
- Support URL Filter for Guest Network.
- Support auto-detect Germany ISP Deutsche Telekom: BNG service for IPTV.
- Support allow specified IP address to access device, via SSH, Telnet or UI.

Security improvements:
- Prevent Brute Force/Dictionary attacks, now SSH/Telnet/UI would block attempted logins, 5 failed attempts leads to malicious access blocked for 5 minutes(LAN/WAN counter separated)/ with related syslog output.
- Check referrer of some web pages in GET command.
- Remove WLAN key in wps_info() for ensure security.
- Smartsync: Verifies the authenticity of the server's certificate.
- Smartsync: Set iptables rules only accept packages from local IP to smartsync port.
- Update SSH dropbear version to 2016.74/ integrate with Protection Server.
- SSH Authkeys length extended to 1023.

- DSL driver updated - v5.5.2.7.
- DSL Log > INP display fine tune.
- Modify QIS > UK ISP BT - Infinity 2 to BT - Infinity.
- Update YouView IPTV Box settings for UK ISP Talk Talk.
- Further enhance G.INP control for UK ISP Sky Broadband.
- Support Turkey ISP Turk Telekom - Tivibu IPTV service. (thanks to the support from Tecnics / Emre Kalay)
- ADSL WAN (ATM) QIS manual setting list updated,
Add Kuwait ISP Fasttelco
Modify Russia Балашиха ISP Домолинк (0/35)
Add Russia Балашиха ISP Домолинк(35/33)
Add Spain ISP Ocean
Add Turkey ISP Superonline
Add Nepal NTC
Add Germany ISP Deutsche Telekom (VLAN ID 7)
- VDSL WAN (PTM) QIS manual setting list updated,
Add Iran ISP Shatel
Add Australia ISP Belong

Bug fixes and Enhancements:
- Download Master updated: v3.1.0.101.
- Update AiCloud to v2.0.2.3/ fixed fail to get wan_ip in dual-wan mode.
- Fixed ATM/PTM default QoS badnwidth value display as NaN issue.
- Support swap approach once AiProtection enabled.
- OpenVPN Server: change to more secure default cipher setting.
- Fixed Guest Network > Access Intranet Disable, guest clients still could access AiCloud issue.
- Fixed possible USB Application page hang(stuck with upgrading) issue.
- Fixed USB disks mounted via hub, cannot add download task/ add the USB notify function to the programs when partitions are mounted/unmounted.
- Fixed possible no UI warning message when upgrade with invalid firmware issue.
- Fixed possible OpenVPN Server fails to work after system reboot issue.
- Fixed various UI related issues.
- Fixed possible WiFi Tx hang issue.
- Fixed NAS devices UPnP failed to work issue.
- Fixed Ethernet WAN connection problem with 802.1Q enabled.
- Fixed possible WiFi Guest Network SSID disappear issue.
- Remove option 42 in DHCP request option in non-default route WAN.
- Fixed kernel: ICV Error.
- Fixed OpenVPN Server cannot be used after system reboot.
- Fixed Samba related issue.
- OpenVPN Server support generate TLS 2048 bits certificate/key.
- Fixed WebHistory filter rule issue/ caused by ACCEPT from Network Services Filter(IP Filter) before Web History rule.
- Fixed setting such as static IP/http/https/both and port change leads to system hang(web server crash).
- Fixed some issues that may cause TigerVPN OpenVPN service fail to work.
- Fixed it is hard for client to connect to OpenVPN Server in Load Balance mode/ cannot connect to openvpn server on LAN side issues.
- Add "Auto select channel including channel 12, 13" checkbox for 2.4GHz auto channel selection.
- Fixed dnsmasq does not respond to the query from OpenVPN.
- Fixed LAN can't access Internet after terminating VPN client connection.
- Fixed tunnel 6in4 not work in bridge mode issue.
- Fixed various SmartSync/ ftpclient related issues.

Please unzip the firmware file first then check the MD5 code.
MD5: d0a2c21ea9617122978da5d0e41c58da

DSL-AC52U| 大小:37.46MB | 来源:华硕官网

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