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Asuswrt-Merlin 380.65 Beta 1

Asuswrt by Merlin bingge 2017-01-14 897 次浏览 个评论

suswrt-Merlin Changelog
380.65 Beta 1 (xx-xxx-2017)
   - NEW: Merged with Asus GPL 380_4180 (broken Net Tools/WOL 
          pages from 4180 were fixed)
   - NEW: Upgraded to OpenVPN 2.4.0, and implemented support
          for many of its new features:
            * GCM ciphers
            * LZ4 compression
            * tls-crypt (uses the Static Key field)
            * Cipher negotiation (NCP), with (optional)
              fallback to legacy "cipher" parameter when 
              an OpenVPN 2.3 client connects to the 
              router's 2.4 server.
          Please refer to the OpenVPN 2.4 documentation for
          more info on these new features.

          You will be warned if any server setting would
          generate an exportable ovpn file that would be 
          incompatible with older clients.

          Existing client config shouldn't need to be changed,
          unless you modify the router's server configuration.

   - NEW: Added the following Busybox applets: ntpd, time, uniq,
          xargs and getopt, for feature parity with John's fork.
   - NEW: Option on Media Server page to enable minidlna's
          built-in status web page.  Default URL is
   - NEW: Support for Vodafone R226 USB LTE (patch by
          Gernot Pansy)
   - NEW: New "update-notification" user script, that gets run
          when a scheduled firmware check detects a new version
         is available.

   - CHANGED: Removed support for all RC ciphers on OpenVPN.
              DES is staying for now, but should still be avoided
              whenever possible.
   - CHANGED: Updated Tor to (patch by blackfuel)
   - CHANGED: Updated nano to 2.7.4.
   - CHANGED: hosts file will now give a higher priority to the
              user-configured hostname for the router ahead of
              hardcoded ones (like
   - FIXED: Invalid DUID used when requesting an IPv6 prefix
            for some of the newer router models (Asus bug)
   - FIXED: Network Service Firewall rules not applied
            under certain configurations
   - FIXED: Port triggering wasn't working if traffic had
            been whitelisted by Network Service Firewall
   - FIXED: Avahi wasn't rejecting connections from
            secondary WAN interface
   - FIXED: Sorting clients by connection time would incorrectly
            treat 10 hours as longer than 9 hours, as it was
            handling it as a string (Asus bug)
   - FIXED: Exported ovpn client file wouldn't use the
            user-configured hostname when using DDNS custom mode.
   - FIXED: Exported OpenVPN client config didn't work when
            using static key authentication.
   - FIXED: Exported OpenVPN client config wasn't editable with
            Notepad, the default editor used by Windows's
            OpenVPN GUI.
   - FIXED: OpenVPN was killed too quickly on disconnection,
            causing issues when using explicit-exit-notify
            (patch by john9527)
   - FIXED: OpenVPN client/server instances weren't properly
            restarted on a WAN restart (patch by john9527)


RT-AC68U/RT-AC1900/RT-AC66U B1

Merlin 380.65 Beta 1 | 大小:512MB | 来源:百度云 | 提取码:t4te

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