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Asuswrt-Merlin - 380.64 beta 2

Asuswrt by Merlin bingge 2016-12-15 834 次浏览 个评论

Asuswrt-Merlin Changelog


380.64 (xx-xxx-xxxx)

   - NEW: New firmware availability notification.  The router will

          notify you if a new firmware is available, and will also

          let you view the changelog before sending you to the

          download page (the update process remains manual).

          Note that the automated check will only report new

          final releases.  The Check button on the Firmware Upgrade

          will immediately check for final releases or beta (if you

          select that option), but not both at the same time.

   - NEW: Added iptables MASK support on MIPS kernel (patch

          by john9527)

   - NEW: Webui warning shown in the notification area if running

          low on free nvram.

   - CHANGED: Updated nano to 2.7.1.

   - CHANGED: Updated OpenVPN to 2.3.14.

   - CHANGED: Updated curl to 7.51.0, resolving numerous security

              and stability issues.

   - CHANGED: Tor clients will now route other TCP ports than just

              80/443, and drop UDP and ICMP traffic (patch by


   - CHANGED: QoS Stats info will automatically refresh every

              3 seconds (user-configurable)

   - CHANGED: IPTraffic charts now show sorted slices, so the

              clients with the least traffic will get grouped

              under "Others" if truncating the list of shown


   - CHANGED: Enabled IPv6 support in curl.

   - CHANGED: Improved webui performance, by caching large static

              Javascript files such as jquery, and increased cache

              life from 5 mins to 1 hour.

   - CHANGED: No longer include Download Master packages in the

              firmware for those models that still included them,

              reducing firmware size by a few megabytes.

              Those were always outdated, the router will download

              the latest versions from Asus's servers at install


   - FIXED: Web server crash if importing an ovpn file with an

            invalid key or certificate (Asus bug)

   - FIXED: App icon at the top wouldn't work on Firefox,

            generating a Javascript error (Asus bug)

   - FIXED: Firefox would sometime fail to display the client

            list, reporting a JSON parsing error in the console.

   - FIXED: Potential security issues in httpd (backported from












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