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Asuswrt-Merlin - 380.64 alpha 2

Asuswrt by Merlin bingge 2016-11-27 1161 次浏览 个评论

Asuswrt-Merlin Changelog

380.64 (xx-xxx-xxxx)
   - NEW: New firmware availability notification.  The router will
          notify you if a new firmware is available, and will also
          let you view the changelog before sending you to the
          download page (the update remains manual)
   - NEW: Added iptables MASK support on MIPS kernel (patch
          by john9527)
   - NEW: Webui warning shown in the notification area if running
          low on free nvram.
   - CHANGED: Updated nano to 2.7.1.
   - FIXED: Web server crash if importing an ovpn file with an
            invalid key or certificate (Asus bug)

19757f7 rc: Only enable live update if MERLINUPDATE is enabled, otherwise the webui Check button will lead you to the support site
d4d5d1e Updated documentation
858d792 fwupdate: fix filename of beta release notes
53491c8 fwupdate: set update server address in nvram
15c22d0 build: Fix makefile logic for FW and BWDPI sig upgrade, make sure we copy sig scripts with merlinupdate enabled
bdc28f8 build: remove MERLINUPDATE from target profiles, so it can be passed at build time
006b96e Bumped revision to alpha 2
79dbfab Updated documentation
c43d024 webui: Report error if importing an ovpn file with a missing/invalid key or certificate.
e506192 httpd: Fix httpd crash when importing ovpn file with an invalid key/cert
36a9d91 fwupdate: disable it in the public target.mak profiles so forks/derived builds won't have it enabled by default
bb7fdbf fwupdate: Switch manifest and changelog to .txt extensions.
f593784 webui: Display notification if free nvram < 3000 bytes, which can lead to stability issues (based on john9527's code)
9a6c5c2 iptables: revert Asus fix so we can now parse a --set-mark mask following the previous commit
6b6e3a1 iptables: support  --set-mark mark[/mask] on MIPS routers
bd44afd docs: Refer to the Wiki for the up-to-date list of supported models (closes #1107)
809db69 Updated documentation
e986d76 nano: Updated to 2.7.1
9e3e6af Implement new firmware availability check.
101306d Bumped revision to 380.64 alpha1



Asuswrt-Merlin - 380.64 alpha 3

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